Light is one of the main elements of architecture and urban planning. For every building that is put up anywhere in the world the lighting needs to be designed. There is a huge market for lighting design and the need for qualified designers is enormous.

That is why we founded the Brandi Institute for Light and Design. It offers the first international training programme for lighting design of its kind and combines theoretical principles and practical relevance. This makes it not only target-oriented but also more compact and ambitious than other part-time courses. Graduates are able to apply their knowledge in their professional careers. They will be trained to find solutions considering all aspects of lighting design, including technical, economic, energy-related and psychological factors. Start of the first course: Spring 2013


The Brandi Institute for Light and Design is independent and not tied to manufacturers. We are solely committed to good lighting and to providing the best possible education for our students. In order to achieve this goal we follow a human-based design approach which is expressed in a practice-oriented curriculum. The training opens up a direct path to a successful professional career. It draws on long-term experience in running complex projects and combines theoretical principles with creative openness. We have the support of an international network of experts in the fields of lighting design, architecture and design to help us achieve this goal.


We offer integrative training as a combination of theory and practice. The varied backgrounds of the lecturers provide a comprehensive and international work environment.


It is the Brandi Institute of Light and Design’s aspiration to bring together its students with lecturers from all the different fields related to light. They will benefit from interdisciplinary networks of planners, architects, engineers and designers.


We set the standard in education for professional lighting design.

We consequently link-up theory and practice in all aspects of lighting design. Not limit to technology, design or human perception but tackling long time neglected aspects like: communicating light, project handling, budget calculations and to preconceive the conditions on site. Our motivation is our passion for light, a philosophy reflected in everything we do.


We teach visual judgement. Technical principles and the laws of physics are exploited to the full when they are employed to solve problems. We confront our students with the adversities and pitfalls of everyday working life and assist them in finding innovative and appropriate solutions.


Small groups and intense engagement help to consolidate basic knowledge. We place the focus on fundamental techniques and foster willingness to concentrate on in-depth study of certain topics.


In our courses students will obtain a growing ‘toolkit’ for self-directed working. They are taught skills and provided with tools for technical, creative and conceptual design as well as for working with light and managing projects.


Everything the students learn they will also handle, operate and install, be it luminaires or controls. We do not have a fixed lecture theatre. The topic of each study unit will be related to the place where the course is held – a loft in St Pauli, an office floor in the city, a garden on the River Elbe, an old warehouse or shed in the port.


We maintain links with creative thinkers and experienced practitioners around the world. They will come to Hamburg and hold workshops to illuminate all aspects of lighting. Talking to experts about current problems and establishing contacts is not a matter of luck but inherent to our programme.


We are lighting designers, architects, urban planners, engineers, designers and thinkers with passion. The driving force for everything we do is the joy of work. We live and teach by this philosophy.