Mexico Design Net

An article about Ulrike Brandi was published in `Mexico Design Net´


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Comment in “Highlight” magazine

A comment from Ulrike Brandi in “Highlight” magazine.


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Interview with Ulrike Brandi

Ulrike Brandi elucidates her ideas and expert knowlegde in lightplaning.











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“History made of stories”

Modern lighting and media technology at the “FC Bayern Erlebniswelt”











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“Light for Cities”

The handbook  “Light for Cities- Lightning Design for Urban Spaces” is a guide which contains technical and planning aspects of a lightning designer with a wealth of colorful illustrations- Now available at bookstores.













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“Institute for Light and Design”

A new article was published in the recent edition of  the “Design” magazine.

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New interview in “Häuser”

Ulrike Brandi has been interviewed in the new edition of  “Häuser”.










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“International New Landscape”

A new article “Light for the Garden Restaurant in Kiev” was published in the `International New Landscape´ magazine.